Hair Transplantation

What Is Hair Transplantation? What Are The Stages Of Hair Transplantation?

How is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is performed by a team of 4 persons under the conditions of operating room in a private hospital with sterile conditions. The important issue here is that the patient rooms in the private hospital or polyclinics or any ordinary room belonging to the hospital is not being made, asepsis antisepsis that provides sterile operating conditions, HEPA filters, etc. hair transplantation is performed in operating rooms containing special purification systems such as.

1 In Hair Transplantation. Stage:

Your hair is prepared for local anesthesia by shortening to Number 1 with special shaving machines in our hospital. After that, you will be prepared for fue plus hair transplantation with special local anesthesia without pain.

Hair Transplantation 2. Stage:

It is the feeding and waiting of the micro surgical punch which is specially developed from the encrypted region of each clinic by taking the paired double triangular hair clusters( we call grafts to these clusters) in special solutions by taking the top edge of the 2 ears that are genetically coded for non-falling hairs. The micro surgical punch used here is completely unique in every clinic and there is very serious information pollution in particular about micro surgical punch diameters. Hair transplantation from 0.6 cm to 1cm diameter hair roots and personalized punch can be used. As a result, no matter how thin micro surgical punch is used in hair transplantation, the micro surgical motor you are using is not suitable for hair transplantation, Dental Medicine will be used depending on the severity of the track will remain. In this context, how thin you go FUE hair transplantation hair transplantation center, which is important in micro-surgical punch used not used micro-surgical how much it is connected to the engine it's not broken, it's broken and how to graft hair follicles mean frequent and intense issue, and that involved here, experience, talent, technique and the quality of the equipment used enters. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most common procedures for hair loss. The truth is always the only one who can experience promises and exaggerated figures in such a way that they will not leave ashes in the barbecue when you apply to any hair transplantation center. The experience in hair transplantation is in the foreground of equipment talent and is important to note that the number of grafts taken is 2L 3L and 4L hair grafts and this gives us density and frequency. Hair transplant in hair transplant surgery with a simple logic to tell you with any 5000 5,000 5000 grafts in a single hair graft hair but ditch the natural thing single the rest of an experienced physician only 400 units of 2, 3, and graphite in the form of FUE hair transplant 4lu, if you have a hair transplant hairs are planted, a simple calculation 13900 2.8 times on average than ordinary and you have had a hair transplant.

Hair Transplantation 3. Stage:

Your operation plan and algorithm scoring photographs that have been taken in the first phase, depending on the front area of your hair to hair transplantation in this phase also intensive hair quality and natural hair line to be drawn, which is one of the most important aspects of showing and determination. The world that matters here, and special tools in accordance with the standards of the European associations of hair restoration surgery with hair transplant in which your hair line with custom measurements is the determination of thousands of hair done by an expert qualified experienced hair transplantation should be done. In non-skilled hands applied to hair transplantation as a result of hair line can lead to irreparable errors.

Hair Transplantation 4. Stage:

Your hair line is determined in accordance with your facial anatomy and the mutual opinion of the expert.  Still, if you are under the care of a specialist experienced and competent in only one direction, you are going to scan old Tintin cartoon hair funny hair like you wouldn't be sentenced to bumps and steep your hair in one direction will convict the prisoner, they do not let the roots of the hair no hair no hair on your black spot your holes every 10 meters to look the other way when viewed from front, the soldier looked at the order, such as the path between spaces such as when your hair is not Oden, many gaps are observed in the back of her hair. In short, at this stage of hair transplantation, which direction you will scan your hair frequently and naturally is determined to be dense. The main stage of hair transplantation is this stage in the heart. At this stage, those who make this procedure are frustrated and are subject to unfavorable consequences. An experienced and competent expert at this stage, a person's hair to a barber prepares special directions completely and channels enables to be understood by the natural male hair.

Hair Transplantation 5. Stage:

It is the process of placing individual hair follicles collected into the opening hair channels. For the avoidance frequent and intense thin hair any rigorous canal jumping and wrong is the last stage of work.

Hair Transplantation 6. Stage:

After your hair is cleaned with special lotion, the information you need to do after hair transplantation is explained and your special forms are presented. You can now go home with your hair planted.

Situations That A Hair Transplant Can Be Done

* Burns scar hair loss that occurs due to situations 
* Male pattern hair loss 
* Congenital local hair loss 
* Any local infection hair loss 
* Excessive pulling of hair (women due to making tight knickers)resulting in hair loss (traction alopecia) 
* The hair is constantly pulled out in the form of teikkülük (trichotillomani) called psychological discomfort.

Hair transplantation can be applied safely. In addition, natural eyebrow moustache and beard appearance can be achieved by hair transplantation in areas such as eyebrows, moustache, beard.

The exact and clear age limit for hair transplantation is over 18 years. In particular, young people who did not military service when the onset of hair loss usually make the wrong decisions. Without planning for the future wrong, an incorrect unqualified early applied in hair transplantation centers, hair transplantation may be worse in the next term irreversible outcome.

Factors Affecting Naturalness In Hair Transplantation

A - 2 hair in the area below the line where the upper limit of your ear meets intense, frequent or infrequent

B - the hair follicles (grafts) are thoroughly extracted and cleaned as much as possible:experience and knowledge require skill.

The reason for the holes in the bottom of the hair is that the canals are opened in large and wrong directions, and the channels opened in small and right direction ensure that your hair output is natural.

It is important that you manage the transplanted hair correctly because the direction of the transplanted hair must be in the same direction as your own hair in order for your transplanted hair to be natural. This should be decided by looking at the direction of your hair during planting. The hair transplanted to the channels opened by a competent expert in Master and his work can be combed in any direction. However, the experience, patience, knowledge and skill of the expert is important in this. 

In curly hair roots:although the expert in the removal of hair follicles has difficulty, elegance, naturality and aesthetic results are relatively more successful. Curly hair roots will give you a more intense and more natural look in a wider area in the plantation area.

White hair:hair roots require more effort and special work to discern. Especially in white hair, it is necessary to work with microscopes. The results are very natural. It is important to note that white hair cultivation made by inexperienced and non-skilled experts can result in complete fiasco.

Yellow and clear-toned hair:the hair root is easier than extracting other hair. The results are very natural.

If you are looking for a hair transplant surgeon, you may want to look for a hair transplant surgeon who can help you with your hair loss. With careful and careful planting, you can achieve extremely natural and full hair.

Straight hair:easy Hair Hair Root extracting. Hair transplantation and hair root intake is done in series and gives natural results.

What should we pay attention to when choosing the center where we will have hair transplantation?

What should you pay attention to choosing the right hair transplantation center?

Before you are applying in person at the clinic by the experts, so it is recommended to meet with a hair transplant process a hair transplant specialist or the patient coordinator called me, but never actually is made by people who do not have such a title, you will know that

The study of the operating room in the hospital:


It should be noted that the operation will not be performed at the center of the hair transplantation and that it will be in the operating room in sterility. It is important for the expert who will perform your hair transplantation to be experienced in FUE hair transplantation, to be an authority with experienced knowledge and experience and to enter into the operation itself for a successful result.

Your hair transplant hair transplantation hair your detailed examination by an expert with experience in analysis necessarily developed custom tools and background for this process should be done with the lobe. The hair transplant coordinator called hemsirelerce examination, called a hair transplant specialist that doesn't even exist where this title is held by the people under the name of the hair that are not experts in clinics and hospitals in no time and the operation centre in October especially should be avoided.

FUE hair transplant gives you pain and suffering?

Hair transplant surgery is performed in a special hospital under local anesthesia for 6-8 hours, not at the hair transplant center! Patients complete the operation in a comfortable manner without pain. Hair transplant surgery is a surgical procedure in which the donor hair is removed from the donor area and transplanted to the bald area.

How long will new hair emerge after hair transplantation?

Transplanted with FUE hair transplant hair loss is definitely not lasting a lifetime.